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Feature REVIEW   

Title:A Delicate Bond
Author:JoAnn Hornak
Lisa and Natalie have been best friends for 10 years and as with most close relationships, that friendship comes with certain expectations from both partners. These two friends have done everything together and even with the addition of boyfriends who become fiancés, their relationship stays the same. With their weddings just a few months apart, they spend every free moment planning together. Then three weeks before Natalie’s wedding, Lisa notifies her by email, that she and her fiancé will not be attending their wedding. There is no explanation as to why, just that her best friend and matron of honor has chosen to desert her at the last minute on the most important day of her life. How could Lisa possibly do such a thing and why is there no explanations for this change of heart. As Natalie’s other friends and her family find out what has happened, many opinions about Lisa’s character and ideas about why this has happened come to the surface. Not everyone likes or trusts Lisa. Natalie is so heartbroken that she tends to fall into a trap of sadness and believes that others may actually know Lisa better than she does. Sadness turns to anger and a pledge to find out why Lisa has done this to her, leads her find information that shocks her. Perhaps it would have been better if she had never found this out.
Lisa, on the other hand, realizes that Natalie, the most important person in her life, does not deserve to be treated this way. Her guilt takes some of the joy out of what should have been a wonderful experience, but she just didn’t know how to tell her best friend that she was going to be away and the time never seems to be right. An email was the easiest and least painful way. She would have to make up for this mistake but she soon discovers that her best friend is not so easy to appease. Surely a friend with the kind of history they have should be more open and willing to understand.
When I first got into this story, it seemed like a typical romance, light and easy to read. But then I realized that author, JoAnn Hornak, has written about every kind of relationship within this one story: friends, family, guys and work relationships. She has included intimate thoughts and approached the topic of relationships with such sensitivity. The reader will find herself thinking that she has experienced these same feelings and happening within her own realm of friends, family and work. And that is where the strength of this story comes from. Please read and enjoy this lovely novel but be prepared to revisit past relationship memories. This is truly a well written and enjoyable novel.
RECOMMENDED by Reviewer: Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Review Int. 
Title:A Delicate Bond
Publisher:Vernazza Publishing
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Testimonial from our authors:
This review really inspired me, and touched me.  The person doing the reviewed paid me the very highest complement by stating that this book brought tears to her eyes. It is so difficult to move a reader to tears, and also enlighten the reader at the same time.  Thank you.  
David LeRoy The Siren of Paris author
Dear Shirley,
I'm thrilled and humbled to be selected for an Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Award, an honor I will treasure forever. My experience with Allbooks has been wonderful, from start to finish. Your services are truly exceptional.
I wish you, your staff, and your dedicated reviewers another successful year in 2011!
Best Wishes,Peter -Writing as A. R. Silverberry
​I am thrilled with the review by Wheldon Curzon of my book, "3:41 A Novel", not simply because it was favorable, which is great, but also because he got it...he understood what the book was about. In fact, he even picked up on a couple things that I didn't realize were in there. A very perceptive, very honest review. I am most impressed. And, yes, I would like to do an interview, at your convenience. Thanks for all your help...Dennis Aiden LockhartMay 2011 ​

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