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Feature REVIEW

December 2015

Title: The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball
Author: J. B. Michaels
Genre: Action/Adventure Children/Young Adult
Mix a little Star Wars and a Christmas elf and you get a very unique twist on a holiday tale.
Captain Brendan and his pilot Lily are flying their icicle through the air towards a roof, but this is no ordinary flying icicle. It has thrusters, complete with blue flames and a candy cane flight shift. Will they crash or pull up just in the nick of time? This is how the tale begins and the reader is instantly hooked!
Tannenbaum Tailors are elves from the North Pole responsible for tailoring Christmas trees to a family’s needs. Captain Brendan and Lily’s team of North Pole tailors is made up of four other charming elves. Billy, Steve, and siblings Irene and Tonto are the tailors on this unique team of Christmas Tree tailors. Their job is to decorate the Christmas trees, regulate the water levels and fix any faulty bulbs and most of all, to make sure the spirits of the families are positive and happy. Raising family spirits is often a harrowing task.
 Captain Brendan’s Dad, Lt. Holly of the Home Tree Police Dept. is called out whenever there is something suspicious. If there is a fire, the Home Fire Battalion and Emergency Water and Needle Response Team is called. Taking care of Christmas trees is a very complicated business! Although Captain Brendan is a tailor, he is often cajoled into helping his policeman, Dad; much to his dismay. Luckily he has a friend, Jane the Fairy Flyer, who comes to his aid more than once.
Enjoy the many adventures of the team as they fight tree fires, chase evil elves, and lift the spirits of many families. Their most important mission- The spiritless elves are trying to destroy Christmas and it is up to Captain Brendan and his team to save the day. They must keep the Secret Snowball safe for Santa. The story is an interesting mix of old and new with some excellent lessons. The characters are lively and colorful and the description vivid.
Author, J. B. Michaels, a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, has written stories since he was in fourth grade. A quote from the author gives great insight into the man and the goal of his stories : “I am J B Michaels, a Chicago Public Schools high school history teacher and department chair at John Hancock College Prep on the Southwest side! I have many dreams and a message to my students that they can accomplish many goals in life and don’t just have to do one thing their whole life. Dreams do come true.” Watch for more stories of the Tannenbaum Tailors.
 This is a truly enchanting holiday tale that will be enjoyed by all generations of the family. Highly recommended by reviewer, Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review International.
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Testimonial from our authors:
This review really inspired me, and touched me.  The person doing the reviewed paid me the very highest complement by stating that this book brought tears to her eyes. It is so difficult to move a reader to tears, and also enlighten the reader at the same time.  Thank you.  
David LeRoy The Siren of Paris author
Dear Shirley,
I'm thrilled and humbled to be selected for an Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Award, an honor I will treasure forever. My experience with Allbooks has been wonderful, from start to finish. Your services are truly exceptional.
I wish you, your staff, and your dedicated reviewers another successful year in 2011!
Best Wishes,Peter -Writing as A. R. Silverberry
​I am thrilled with the review by Wheldon Curzon of my book, "3:41 A Novel", not simply because it was favorable, which is great, but also because he got it...he understood what the book was about. In fact, he even picked up on a couple things that I didn't realize were in there. A very perceptive, very honest review. I am most impressed. And, yes, I would like to do an interview, at your convenience. Thanks for all your help...Dennis Aiden LockhartMay 2011 ​

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