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Feature REVIEW
To honor all of our fallen heroes
and the thank those that survived   

Genre: History

Let me introduce you to an informative history book. In response to the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, President Roosevelt declared war on Germany and Japan.
Although the focus here is on the recalls of three heroic American Veterans, this book contains a vast amount of technical information, war strategies, experiments, failures, missions, losses, weather related catastrophes and so much more.

Don Malloy made his patriotic decision and joined the American Air Force. After intensive training he became a pilot to fly bomb missions in an effort to defeat the aggressors. Targets were aimed at integral parts of the country including oil refineries, transportation, rocket launch sites; anything that would immobilize a country. He participated in the longest flight in the 8th Air Force history, survived being shot down, and escaped as a prisoner of war. Upon returning to the U.S. he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and presented with an Air Medal.

2nd Lieutenant Robert McCauley, ‘Bob’ flew the big planes known as Flying Fortress and B24 Liberator. He describes difficult missions, even the ones that had to be aborted due to mechanical failure, freezing, foggy weather or enemy fire. While flying he witnessed many horrendous tragedies, he himself felt the shrapnel inches away. Bob participated in the invasion of Normandy by bombing the surroundings and railway system. Afterwards he volunteered for secret Project Aphrodite, a very new concept of loading drones with explosives, having the crew jump out just prior to detonation over the target. With fifty missions as a ‘jump pilot’, Joseph P. Kennedy was brought into the project. Bud Willy and Joe Kennedy flew the first mission with Colonel Elliot Roosevelt flying observation. Are you aware of the outcome? In 1944 Bob returned to the States. Discharged in 1948, he was recalled to fly twenty-six missions in the Korean War.

James Francis Krause, ‘Frank’ had been drafted into Infantry Replacement and trained to be an expert in ground invasion. However nothing could have prepared this twenty-four year old for the experiences he endured after jumping into the waist deep, frigid water on Omaha Beach, Normandy. Somehow he managed to survive to the end of the war. He was awarded the Silver Star and Combat Infantry Badge. At the end of the war he became a guard where 65,000 German prisoners were interned, eventually becoming a bodyguard for an American senior officer. He returned to the U.S. in 1946.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt collapsed and died on April 12, 1945 without knowing the outcome of the war. On April 30,1945 German dictator, Adolph Hitler shot his wife then took his own life. The official cease-fire was set for May 2, 1945.

Currently living with his wife and five children in New Jersey, Thomas J. Berry has a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy. His pleasure in both historical and non-fiction stories is artfully shared with us. In honor of veterans he spent 2011-2012 intimately listening to these 3 heroic veterans’ stories. After meticulously authenticating and gathering a vast amount of war details he wrote CROSSHAIRS.

I am very impressed by the contents of this read. Highly Recommended by Cheryl Heinrichs,
Allbooks Review International

Author: Thomas J. Berry
For more information:
ISBN: 978-1-63490-042-3
January 2015

Testimonial from our authors:
This review really inspired me, and touched me.  The person doing the reviewed paid me the very highest complement by stating that this book brought tears to her eyes. It is so difficult to move a reader to tears, and also enlighten the reader at the same time.  Thank you.  
David LeRoy The Siren of Paris author
Dear Shirley,
I'm thrilled and humbled to be selected for an Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Award, an honor I will treasure forever. My experience with Allbooks has been wonderful, from start to finish. Your services are truly exceptional.
I wish you, your staff, and your dedicated reviewers another successful year in 2011!
Best Wishes,Peter -Writing as A. R. Silverberry
​I am thrilled with the review by Wheldon Curzon of my book, "3:41 A Novel", not simply because it was favorable, which is great, but also because he got it...he understood what the book was about. In fact, he even picked up on a couple things that I didn't realize were in there. A very perceptive, very honest review. I am most impressed. And, yes, I would like to do an interview, at your convenience. Thanks for all your help...Dennis Aiden LockhartMay 2011 ​

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